May 20, 2024

Styles Of Dance

Dance Styles Unite in Harmony

Western dance styles that you should try

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These are some popular Western dances in India

What’s the story

Despite spoken language barriers, art forms like music and dance have a universal language.

Our diverse culture has served as a living example of this, and as a result of our current cultural fusion, we have been learning a great deal from people all over the world.

We welcomed these Western dance forms with open arms, just as the West welcomed yoga.


Hip-hop developed in the United States in the early ’70s and has since become a popular genre globally.

India picked it up well and we can see it reflected in the latest Bollywood films and reality TV shows.

Hip hop is freestyle in nature and hence quite different from any other dance form.

Contemporary dance

The contemporary dance style originated with a blend of classical, modern, and jazz styles.

It is a very technical style and is considered to also be related to ballet.

This style requires dancers to perform the strong and controlled legwork of ballet.

It also makes use of contract release, fall and recovery, hand movements, and other modern dance improvisations.


Salsa is a combination of several Cuban and American dances.

It is a partnered dance and has picked up pace among Indians. There have been several reality show performances based on this dance style lately.

Generally, the lead takes the follow through a series of spins.

During the dance, partners can also break apart to dance solo, which is called “shines”.


Remember, how Sridevi’s character inquired her daughter about her “jazz” classes in the film English Vinglish back in 2012?

You might also remember Joey’s “jazz hands” from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Jazz is a social dance style from the 20th century in the US when African-American dancers started to combine traditional African steps with European.

There are two types: Vernacular jazz and Broadway jazz.


This partner dance originated in Latin America back in the 1880s, along the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay.

Tango was practiced in brothels and bars of ports in the region, where business owners hired bands to entertain patrons with music.

The dance form spread globally later and now there are many variations.

Tango has influences from South American, African, and European cultures.


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