July 12, 2024

Styles Of Dance

Dance Styles Unite in Harmony

Shraddha Kapoor, Shreyas Iyer, Quick Style reveal what they are #BornToFlaunt

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OPPO India has unveiled its latest digital campaign – #BornToFlaunt – for the launch of its F25Pro 5G smartphone. The centrepiece of the campaign is a social media film featuring the dynamic trio – actress Shraddha Kapoor, cricketer Shreyas Iyer, and dance troop Quick Style – showcasing these icons playfully vying for a spot in Quick Style’s crew, each flaunting their distinct talents and highlighting the F25 Pro 5G’s capabilities.

While Quick Style adds aesthetic appeal, Shraddha Kapoor embodies elegance, and Shreyas Iyer represents performance that create a narrative that positions the F25 Pro as a smartphone that excels in both style and substance, appealing to a wider and younger audience.

Watch the ad film:

When asked what #BornToFlaunt signifies for her, Shraddha Kapoor told Adgully, “#BornToFlaunt is all about letting your unique light shine. For me, it means embracing and showcasing one’s individuality and unique talents.”

Kapoor considers the F25 to be a game-changer for storytellers and content creators. She added, “It captures moments with such clarity, adding a whole new dimension to creative expression through its cutting-edge 4K video capabilities, both on the front and back cameras.” She also liked the smart matting feature, which adds a creative dimension, enabling seamless integration of self-captured content into diverse scenarios, and enhancing the storytelling experience.

Beyond the tech specs, Kapoor found the F25’s sleek design and vibrant display resonating with her aesthetic, especially the captivating Lava Red colour. “It adds a touch of elegance and style to my everyday life. The unique design, coupled with its powerful features, makes the F25 a standout and appealing for me,” she added.

Speaking on her experience working on this campaign, Kapoor said that it was a “blast!” “Collaborating with Quick Style and Shreyas brought a mix of talents. It was like a dance of creativity, where we blended our unique flavours to create something truly special,” she said.

Adgully also spoke to Quick Style, a popular Norwegian dance team and content creators, on their collaboration for the #BornToFlaunt campaign. “#BornToFlaunt is our anthem, especially in the dance world,” said Quick Style, adding, “It’s about expressing ourselves, and the F25 just amplifies that vibe. Our dance moves get a whole new vibe while working this campaign.”

Quick Style also considered the F25 to be a game-changer for content creators, offering advanced 4K video capabilities on both front and back cameras. “It is our dance partner in crime, they quipped, adding, “It captures our dance moves or even just our rehearsing sessions, making them pop with clarity and colour. As dancers who love to explore the world, this phone is our perfect travel buddy.”

Quick Style also pointed out the phone’s smart matting feature, which seems to add a new creative flair. “It was seamlessly integrating our unique dance styles into various settings, enhancing the overall experience,” they added.

Tech-wise, the F25’s sleek design and powerful camera are a dance dream, felt Quick Style, who admired the Lava Red colour. “A bit like us – versatile, dynamic, and always ready to break into a move!,” they exclaimed.

“Beyond dance, we, as Quick Style, are #borntoflaunt our individual personalities and unique dance styles. Each member brings something distinctive to the table, whether it is personal quirks, dance preferences, or creative inputs. Our diversity as a group is a unique aspect that we love to flaunt, both on and off the dance floor,” the dance group maintained.

Speaking on working alongside Sharadha Kapoor and Shreyas Iyer, Quick Style said, “The campaign vibe was electric! Shradha’s Bollywood energy and Shreyas’ sports finesse added spice to our dance palette. It felt like a dance tour, but with phones and cameras stealing the spotlight.”

For cricketer Shreyas Iyer, participating in this campaign was a mix of sports and entertainment, just like his diverse interests. “Collaborating with Sharadha and Quick Style was a lot of fun!,” he exclaimed.

He further considers #BornToFlaunt to be his mantra – both on and off the cricket pitch. “Beyond cricket, it is about embracing opportunities and showcasing my love for dance and fashion,” he added.

When asked how he saw the F25 empowering individuals, Iyer replied, “The F25 can truly empower people to share moments with its advanced 4K video capabilities on both front and back cameras. If you are the sort of a person who likes to capture moments with exceptional clarity, then this is the device for you. It also has an interesting smart matting feature that adds a creative edge. It basically helps integrate their content into various scenarios, enhancing the overall experience.”

He also considered the Lava Red colour of the phone to be an interesting colour choice, adding a touch of style to one’s everyday life. “The unique design, combined with its powerful features, makes the F25 a standout and appealing device,” he added.

Speaking further, Iyer said, “Apart from cricket, my passion lies in dancing, and I am proud to flaunt it. I find immense joy in expressing myself through dance moves, adding a touch of rhythm to my daily routine. For me, dancing is more than just a hobby; it’s a stress buster and a powerful means of self-expression. I’m #borntoflaunt my love for dance!”


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