May 20, 2024

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Red Bull Dance Your Style Begins Nationwide Search

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The electrifying energy of urban street dance took over Eldoret this past weekend as Red Bull Dance Your Style, the world’s biggest street dance competition, rolled into town. Rupa’s Mall became a stage for unparalleled dance entertainment, buzzing with passionate dancers, enthusiastic crowds, and exhilarating battles. The 2024 edition is its fifth one and aims to provide a platform for dancers to hone their skills, connect with a vibrant community, and potentially propel themselves onto the international stage.

Michael “Mickey” Mwenda emerged victorious, conquering the crowd’s hearts and securing his place as Eldoret’s champion. “I’m ecstatic!” he exclaimed after his win. “This victory is a massive milestone, and the talent level here has been incredible.

Red Bull Dance Your StyleRed Bull Dance Your Style

Red Bull Dance Your Style Kenyan Schedule

But Eldoret is just the first stop on this exciting journey. Red Bull Dance Your Style embarks on a nationwide tour, with United Mall Kisumu marking the next battleground on April 27th. Afterward, the competition will snake its way through various Kenyan cities, weaving a path of rhythm and energy. Lastly, the qualifiers will be held at Kenyatta University (May 11th) and USIU (June 15th).

Red Bull Dance Your Style’s ultimate goal is to find Kenya’s best dancer. A champion who will be crowned the national winner and represent the country at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals in Mumbai, India, on November 9th, 2024.

The unique factor about this competition is that the crowd holds the power. Unlike traditional dance battles with judges, Red Bull Dance Your Style lets the audience decide. After each battle, the energy in the room becomes tangible as spectators raise their blue or red placards, their votes crowning the victor. This democratic approach fosters inclusivity and celebrates the raw power of crowd connection.

Red Bull Dance Your StyleRed Bull Dance Your Style
Spectators vote during battle session

Red Bull Dance Your Style competition embraces all urban dance styles, with one exception – breakdancing. Creativity, freestyle skills, and the ability to adapt to surprise music selections are the keys to success. The DJ throws down unpredictable tunes, testing the dancers’ versatility and captivating the crowd with their ability to transform the music into captivating movement.

Over 51 Countries Are Participating

This global phenomenon boasts participation from a staggering 51 countries. Kenya is gearing up to send its strongest contender to the world stage. The national champion gets an all-expenses-paid trip to Mumbai, a chance to compete against the best of the best, and potentially etch their name in dance history. This competition welcomes all seasoned dancers, passionate supporters, and enthusiasts of urban street dance.

Aspiring dancers can head over to the Red Bull website to sign up for preferred qualifiers. The age limit is 18+, and the dream of representing Kenya on the global stage awaits.


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