July 12, 2024

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Ray-Ban Meta encourages ‘living all in,’ seeing the world in style with smart glasses

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An effortlessly cool protagonist showcases how a pair of stylish smart glasses make mundane moments extraordinary.

Ray-Ban Meta has unveiled a new ad campaign for the spring and summer launch of its next-gen smart glasses.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, which run between $300 to $380, come in over 150 different color and lens combinations of the classic Ray-Ban frames. They boast high-quality audio and camera capabilities and an LED indicator on the left that lights up every time users take a photo or video.

To showcase the glasses’ capabilities, Ray-Ban Meta enlisted Charles Todd, a director and executive director at the production company Scheme Engine, to direct the hero spot for its new campaign, ‘Smart Glasses for Living All In.’

It follows a chic young woman donning what looks to be pair of retro Ray-Ban Wayfarers. But, there’s a twist – we quickly see that they’re actually a pair of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

As she navigates through her day, we see the magic unfold. She starts her day off by getting her nails done. Instead of disrupting her relaxation to snap a pic of her fresh manicure, she simply commands her smart glasses to do the job. Click and the moment is preserved.

Next up, a friend’s birthday bash. Even though her buddy couldn’t make it in person, thanks to a quick video call from her glasses, she’s virtually blowing out the candles along with the rest of the gang.

As the day turns into night, our protagonist hops on the back of a motorcycle en route to a party. A sign in Spanish catches her eye, but no worries – her smart glasses come to the rescue, seamlessly translating it into English. “Dance all night,” it reads.

“With Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, we have made a product that can help people thrive in any moment, whether they are out for a big night or just walking down the grocery aisle,” Shachar Scott, vice-president of marketing for Meta Reality Labs, told The Drum. “We have iconic fashion and powerfully useful technology for those scenarios and everything in between. We worked with our long time trusted partner and Creative Agency, SpecialGuest, to create an integrated retail, social and ad campaign to bring that vision to life under one big creative platform, ‘Smart Glasses for Living All In.’”

SpecialGuest led the creative, while Scheme Engine led its production. The new work marks SpecialGuest’s second ad campaign for Ray-Ban Meta, and the agency is already planning the brand’s upcoming holiday campaign.

“The teams at Meta Reality Labs and Ray-Ban are bringing something truly transformational into the world and it’s thrilling to get to be a part of that. They are some of the most creative and innovative people around and collaborating with them on this technology and fashion fusion is a dream for us,” added Aaron Duffy, executive creative director and co-founder of SpecialGuest

The spring/summer launch of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will run globally across retail, out-of-home, digital out-of-home, paid social, online television, audio and web.

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