July 12, 2024

Styles Of Dance

Dance Styles Unite in Harmony

Dance recital showcased shining stars.

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Extravagance Studio One club members conclude a busy dance competition season with their own recital showcasing all the hard work and talent of dancers.

PREECEVILLE – Dancers excel and proudly showcase their agility and dance skills that were featured during the Extravagance Dance Studios annual dance recital on May 18 in Yorkton. The students who were featured were the dancers who attend the Preeceville location.

The first dance was done by the Junior 2 jazz group who performed to Perfect Day. Dancers were, Quinn Bedore of Kamsack, Dylan Descalchuk, Kaleigh Meberg, Charlotte Newton, Adley Ward, Sage Ward of Preeceville, and Skylar Sciliberto, Josie Scott and Lilith Shewchuk of Canora.

Next, the Combo 1 dancers who performed to Sunshine were, Rayne Blotski, Ayda Morton-Blender, Bridget Tremblay, Madison Johannesson, Sawyer Salisbury and Aspen Zilch, all from Preeceville.

Tiny Tots dancers who performed to Raindrops Falling were, Eve Barber, Emerly Sliva, Ariya Walker, of Preeceville, and Ruth Schomburg and Finn Vaughters of Canora.

Acro dancers who danced to Hot, Hot, Hot were, Rhyan Descalchuk, Ava Lawrie, Bella Malisheski, Willow Malisheski, Avaya Meberg, Georgie Van Neuwenhuyze and Adley Ward, all of Preeceville.

Dancers, Quinn Bedore of Kamsack, Skylar Sciliberto, Lilith Shewchuk of Canora and Kaleigh Meberg, Dylan Descalchuk, Charlotte Newton of Preeceville and Eva Romanchuk of Sturgis performed a ballet to Winter Wonderland.

Jenna Anaka and Emerson Strykowski of Preeceville and Lila Wilson of Canora performed a junior ballet to Spring.

Blakley Firman, Willow Malisheski, Jinny Schapansky, Sage Ward and Adley Ward all from Preeceville danced to Electric Avenue.

Kaleigh Meberg of Preeceville danced a tap solo to Don’t Rain in my Parade.

Silver Brass, Hazel Sciliberto, Charlie Sleeva of Canora and Avaya Meberg, Cora Vollman and Rhyan Descalchuk of Preeceville performed a ballet to Rainbow Connection.

The junior hip hop group danced to Thunder. Dancers were, Macy Balawyder, Dylan Descalchuk, Willow Malisheski, Kaleigh Meberg, Charlotte Newton and Jinny Schapansky all from Preeceville.

Emerson Strykowski of Preeceville performed a solo.

Silver Brass of Canora and Avaya Meberg and Rhyan Descalchuk of Preeceville performed a jazz dance to Snow Day.

Quinn Bedore and Skylar Sciliberto of Canora, Eva Romanchuk of Sturgis, and Kaleigh Meberg, Macy Balawyder, Dylan Descalchuk, Charlotte Newton and Jinny Schapansky of Preeceville performed a junior lyrical dance to Rainbow.

Dancers from Preeceville, Canora and Yorkton had fun performing a theatrical production to Willy Wonka. Dancers were Jenna Anaka, Dylan Descalchuk, Kaleigh Meberg, Charlotte Newton, Emerson Strykowski of Preeceville, Karleigh Lambert, Quinn Bedore of Kamsack, Luca Propp, Skylar Sciliberto, Silver Brass and Lila Wilson of Canora, Marley Andrews, Brecklyn Baluk, Blake Bebeau, Lexi Bilokreli, Elizabeth Blenkin, Carmella Crozier, Peyton Donnelly, Jilliann Dubiel, Kingsley Herman, Rylee Hershmiller, Callie Hodgins, Morgan Hollinger, Kamdyn Karcha, Keegan Karcha, Every Lazurko, Danika Kluk, Emma Littman, Alexi Magnusson, Skylar Magnusson, Tyken Magnusson, Brianna Mcdougall, Stefanie Nagy, Katrina Raml, Elle Schwartz, Brylee Senchuk, Maddison Wiley, Olivia Witow and Molly AStykalo of Yorkton.

Primary ballet dancers of Arielle Eagleson, Madison Johannesson, Ayda Morton-Blender, Sophia Storoschuk, Leslea Thiessen, Bridget Trembley and Aspen Zilch all from Preeceville performed to Suzy Snowflake.

Quinn Bedore-Kamsack and Josie Scott and Silver Brass of Canora danced a tap dance to Trinkle, Trinkle.

Performing a musical theatrical dance to In Summer were, Eva Romanchuk, Lindy Romanchuk-Sturgis, Macy Balawyder, Kaleigh Meberg, Dylan Descalchuk, Charlotte Newton, Sage Ward of Preeceville.

A pre-junior tap dance was performed by Rhyan Descalchuk, Bella Malisheski, Avaya Meberg and Sophie Storoschuk all from Preeceville.

At the finale all dancers flooded the stage to be presented awards.

Ruth Schomburg was awarded the Miss/Mr Manners award for being polite to their teacher and classmates and always respectful and well-behaved in class.

Sawyer Salisbury was presented the Ray of Sunshine award for being an all-around pleasure to have in class every week. Ray of Sunshine winners love being at the studio to dance and to socialize with their classmates.

Emerson Strykowski won the Shining Star award for being part of the competition team who shows fantastic stage presence, and shines on the stage.

The Most Improved awards went to dancers who have shown the most personal improvement of all the students this year at these different levels. Winning the awards were, Littles category, Arielle Eagleson and, juniors, Rhyan Descalchuk.

 Dance Spirit – this dancer LOVES coming to dance and you can tell every week that they have a passion for what they are doing and truly want to be in the studio and a part of class. Ayda Morton-Blender.

Positive Vibes awards went to a student who is a great advocate for the studio. They are happy to be in the studio and share their positive energy with their classmates every week. They are a role model and positive vibes leader. This award went to: Jenna Anaka.

The Leadership award went to Quinn Bedore. This dancer is a leader in class and in the studio. They can be found participating in spirit days and helping at any event needed. They go above and beyond to help their classmates and studio family members.

The Dedication award went to Silver Brass. These dancers are 100 per cent committed to class in and out of the studio. They are consistent with practicing at home and making sure they are always on top of anything new they learn in class from syllabus exercises to choreography.

Exam Excellence awards were presented to a student who the teachers feel has achieved the most in the exam process this year for the following styles of dance. Kaleigh Meberg for Acro Excellence was the winner.

Five-year awards were presented to Silver Brass and Sophia Storoschuk.

“I would like to give a huge shout-out to our staff so when you hear our name please stand or come out and give a wave. First of all I would like to say thank you to Jodi Bjornerud, our office manager, and to our teachers Aleesha Jasper, Emerson Strykowski and Jenna Anaka,” said Kristen Weber-Karcha, instructor. “Without all of these ladies our studio wouldn’t exist, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to thank all of our backstage and front of house volunteers that consist of graduated dancers and parents, we couldn’t put this show on without you. Thank you to Mark Dunlop in the sound booth, who has been here with us since Wednesday after school. We always love working with you.”

She added, “New to working with us this year is Dustin Wilson who has taken over the videography for us. We really look forward to seeing the fabulous show you put together, so thank you.”

Weber-Karcha also said, “I would like to thank my sister Lindsay Magnusson for being the backstage manager and helping with props and anything else we have needed all year, she’s always there for me whenever I need a hand.

I also want to thank my kids Keegan and Kamdyn and my husband Garrett, they don’t get to see a lot of me sometimes, especially during competition and recital season. They are here to help when needed and sometimes end up spending 10 hours at a competition with me and I really love that they are a big part of our Dance Family.”




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